About us

Tina and Primož are founders of Go To Croatia Travel and Go To Slovenia Travel. They live in Ljubljana, a green capital of Slovenia. Living in a country that is considered one of the important crossroads of Europe, makes it easy for road trips and exploring new countries. When Tina was in her 20s, she lived abroad for some years but soon realised “there is no place like home” and that her own country, Slovenia, is a true hidden gem. They love cafés, trying new restaurants, good music, and a casual conversation with people they meet unexpectedly and take time to hear their story. Ideally, on a nice sunny day, in an outdoor café.

They both started working as Travel Directors in European countries during their study days. When Tina got her BA in Political science, there was no question where her heart was. In tourism! Primož got his BA in history and sociology of culture and found his passion in tourism, too. He is also a genealogist researcher specialized for Slovenia.

No fingertip is the same. That is why we believe in private groups and tailor-made trips enriched with travel experiences suited exactly for you.

We both fell in love at our job, travelling to different countries, different continents, and enjoying the life on the road. What was and still is the most appealing, are the people. When asked if we ever get tired of visiting same places, the answer is “No, it is always different, because of our guests, who make an interesting dynamic of the group, that often becomes a happy traveling family.

Tina and Primož were lucky to work for some of the best Travel companies in the industry, such as Insight Vacations, Grand Circle Travel, Gate 1, Riviera Travel and Kompas, to name just a few. They observed, learned, and listened to the guests. They soon learned that meeting guests’ expectations on the actual trip is quite easy, if you know how to ask the right questions beforehand, while still planning the trip back at home.

Now, we are exactly where we want to be. We organize tailor-made private tours and help create unforgettable moments for our guests.


National Parks of Croatia Tour
8 days

Split to Dubrovnik with Hvar – Southern Croatia
6 days

Croatian Coast Tour from Opatija to Dubrovnik
8 days

Grand Croatian Tour from Zagreb to Dubrovnik
9 days

Highlights of Croatia Tour
5 days

Zagreb to Dubrovnik Tour with a Flight
6 days


Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro Tour 11 days
National parks of Croatia and Slovenia Tour 10 days

Best of Croatia and Slovenia Tour
9 days

Vienna to Dubrovnik via Slovenia
10 days

Budapest to Dubrovnik via Slovenia
10 days